Presumably you're here because you wanted to know something about me, Sam Taradash. Of course, you may be looking for someone else with the same name, but I can't really help you with that.

Have a click around, and maybe you’ll find something that I can help you with.

No promises, though.


These days I’m a content channel editor. It’s a little bit of CMS, a little of page layout, and a whole lot of tracking content between print and electronic workflows. Find me on linkedin if you want more about that. That’s where I keep all my work-related info.

Live lit

Since 2010 I’ve been part of a monthly show called The Special Relationship. It’s a night of storytelling that combines fiction, poetry and journalism, all read live, mixed with short film and comedy.

Hosted by Tom Basden and Jarred McGinnis. Previous guests have included Toby Litt, Josie Long, Aoiffe Mannix, Matthew Robbins, Joe Dunthorne, Isy Sutty, Tim Wells, Colin Grant and Sam Knight.





If you want to get in touch with me for work or professional matters, you should try via linkedin.

For fun stuff, like stories and writing, or drawings, or talking about robots and politics and such, you could try twitter or facebook (if you’ve logged in, that is).

If you need more information about other things, I suggest a local library. A professional librarian is likely to have a broad range of knowledge over a surprising breadth of topics, and can be an invaluable and friendly resource.

Seriously, libraries are great. Support libraries.